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Rather quickly another new album of DAVID KUHN arrives and I must say that this new record Strong alone, unstoppable together is a very enjoyable smooth classic aor/westcoast/pop affair in the late 1970s/early 1980s style, sometimes reminding of STEELY DAN, but perhaps a bit more polished in the style of BILLY JOEL and even 80s JON ANDERSON (YES) due to the light mid 1980s Symphonic Pop influences in songs like Don't give up and The day will come. 5 songs are included and David's vocals are quite excellent and so are all of the songs, especially the uptempo Force of nature that has some slight STING influences. Although it is all a matter of time and money, I am safe to say that David will one day release a sensational full-length release and hopefully this will be done on classic Vinyl, because he definitely derserves it. For now, check out more info at:

By Gabor Kleinbloesem 

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(Points: 8.3 out of 10)

Strutter'zine  (from The Netherlands)

Now this is really nice as recently American singer/songwriter DAVID KUHN contacted me about his new solo album On our way. It must have been somewhere in the 1990s I reviewed and interviewed him and every now and then I still play his legendary album Talk it over from 1997. It was a fun time to review all those independent AOR releases from the USA back then, because there was still quite a lively scene to discover throughout the 1990s. Nowadays AOR is almost completely dead in the USA and is an European affair, but David's solo return is definitely worth to mention here, especially since we go back 20+ years in time. Catching up again is always a good thing, especially in these rare corona times! The new CD On our way is slightly poppier than Talk it over, although it still reflects the 80s Poprock sound. 5 songs are included and after the very poppy start On our way, things become more AOR/80s Poprock ish with the catchy Feeling good that reminds me a bit of WANG CHUNG meets THE POLICE. Heading back out again is a short poptune, while the midtempo Turning point is as close to 80s pop/rock as you can get, with a sorta 80s IT BITES/GENESIS/YES (circa 90125) light progpop touch. In fact, I am actually very much thinking of JON ANDERSON's 80s solo material when listening to this album (both musically and vocally), so overall it is less AOR and more 80s Pop with a light proggy touch. This can be heard very clearly during closing track Time to say goodbye, a calm song that also gives me an 80s DENNIS DEYOUNG kinda feeling. The songs are quite short, so it is all over in a minute, which is a pity, because David's voice is still amazing! I can't believe he has not released any solo albums between Talk it over and this EP, because this guy has got a great voice and especially in the past he wrote some sensational AOR rockers (CITADEL was his first band, a Pomprockband from the late 1970s whom released 1 album and THE LADDER's song Time soldier is one of the absolute best AOR songs of the 1980s!). I remember he did release in 2013 an album as the KUHN BROTHERS, but let's hope he will record a full-length solo-album in the near future and also goes for a more rockier sound, because I think this new EP might be a bit too soft for the AOR fans among us. Nevertheless, it is good to see him back with a nice release and hear his voice again, which is still perfectly in shape. More info at:

By Gabor Kleinbloesem

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Time Machine Music    (from The Republic of Serbia)

(Publishing Relative Music Group/David Kuhn) 2020. EP CD /digital Melodic pop/rock/80’s pop/indie pop – USA 

These days, I have received a last two EP’s from USA singer/songwriter, David Kuhn – “On Our Way” from 2019. and actual one “Strong Alone, Unstoppable Together” from 2020. 

His  musical activities touches a period of nearly four decades, but as a solo artists, singer, author and bass player, his career is a little bit shorter. 
Mr. Kuhn is performer faithful to the music legacies from golden 80’s, closer to British than USA roots, and his songs firstly judging by strong melodic traces know to remind on mentioned era. 

All of five songs from actual EP, where three are new, and two belong to previous singles, were done in nice melodic mood, with clear arrangements work, where all of them posses radio friendly using. 
A production work capture the standards of actual moment, so I can add that many followers of 80’s melodic pop, also post new wave tendencies, can find many interesting moments and details in David’s offering.

By Branimir Lokner

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