Dave Cave Productions

We're excited to share the news that our recording studio Dave Cave Productions is up and running!  We now have a small, completely professional audio production facility.    …and we’re extremely excited to share this news:  

My EP, David Kuhn “On Our Way” is now spinning worldwide on Pandora Radio!!  

We are now also offering the studio and our abilities to other artists for specific services that they could outsource to us, all online.  

If you have, or if someone you’re working with has a song or piece of instrumental music and needs, for example, an acoustic bass or an electric bass part, or backing vocals, etc., etc., you can send us a reference track (mp3 file) of their music, and we can send back a master-quality full wav recording!! – completely arranged & ready to add to their existing session.    

Other services we offer include: editing, mixing & mastering.  

“On Our Way” was entirely recorded, mixed and mastered here at our studio. I wrote and arranged all of the songs, sang all the lead and backing vocals, played all of the keyboards, basses, guitars and programmed & played electronic drums.   (We do have a beautiful, completely tuned small live room for acoustic drums, etc.)    

The EP is a great example of what can be done here at Dave Cave Productions!  

Again, all of this can be accomplished online by sending us mp3 reference files from your existing sessions.    

Please let us know if you have any questions.  We look forward to speaking with you and contributing to the success of your projects!  

Best regards,  

You can listen to my EP "On Our Way” here
The studio features Neumann TLM-170i, U-47 and Brauner Valvet mics  
with Neve Shelford Channels.  

Please contact us for more about the studio and the instruments available.