Tonight Is The Night (2021 Re-Mix)

Released January 2022

This song was originally released in 2020 and this version is re-mixed & re-mastered, featuring a more driving rhythm track - hoping you enjoy!
“Tonight Is the Night (2021 Re-Mix)” will be included on our upcoming February 25th, 2022 EP: “Single Release Songs (2020-2021)”

Bonny Woodgreen

Released December 2021

Our first recording together, Bonny Woodgreen is an EP of 6 songs - three of which are new arrangements of songs from my previously released recordings and three are brand new arrangements of works in the public domain. Included in these are the beloved 1865 hymn “Shall We Gather At The River” along with the Irish classics “Danny Boy” and “Bonny Woodgreen”  For this recording we chose to take a quieter, more intimate approach. Tomoko played piano & keyboards, and I sang, played fretless bass & synthesizers. While we’ve both always been full-time professional performing and recording musicians, we’ve never actually had the time to make any recordings together - until now! We really hope you enjoy this, our maiden voyage!


Released December 2021

“Holiday” is the second single song release from our upcoming EP Bonny Woodgreen  (EP available on December 17, 2021) It was originally released as part of my EP Feeling Free in 2020. In a totally different style from the original way I wrote the song, this version has an ethereal and dreamy feel to it!

Heading Back Out Again

Released November 2021

The first single release from our new EP is “Heading Back Out Again” and it’s now spinning on Pandora and all other major streaming platforms. The song was originally part of my 2019 EP On Our Way.  This is a new arrangement of the song, done by Tomoko.  Well, who knew?!? It seems I’ve married a talented arranger!   “Ooooh… what-a-lucky-man… he-was”  (Does everyone remember Emerson, Lake & Palmer? 😉)  “Heading Back Out Again” is a song about some very fond memories of times spent on our little boat, some years ago…  We don’t have a boat anymore, but that’s because we’ve found something we think is more fun than time on the water - and that's time on a motorcycle!! 😎

Own Your Dreams

Released March 2021

Like many of my songs, I wrote & recorded "Own Your Dreams" simultaneously. The song just took on a life of its own, and guided the process! If this period we’re currently living through has given us one thing that’s positive, I’d have to say it’s time - time for reflection, time to consider new paths and re-align ourselves, or maybe just time to simply figure out what’s most important to each of us.  So own your dreams! ...and do whatever works to keep your spirit healthy! It will give you the strength to get through!

Out Of The Darkness

Released February 2021

This song "Out Of The Darkness" is a reflection on our current world situation. It's also a prayer - because no matter how dark our world feels right now, I remain an optimist - one day we will be done with this period of time, no matter how long it takes.  Living for that day will remain my inspiration!

She's A Hero

Released January 2021

My inspiration for “She’s A Hero” came to me from a wonderful story called “Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit” by Nahoko Uehashi. The tale has been set to both animation & live action film, and it depicts the life of Balsa - a woman who through the tragic events of her childhood becomes a fierce warrior bodyguard. It’s really a story of female empowerment - a concept which is hopefully coming of age - if we are wise enough to realize & help it!

Move On

Released December 2020

This song "Move On" has a Reggae feel, and it’s about finding a way to deal with loss.

Some years ago I saw a PBS documentary about people who are more than 100 years old - it sought to discover the secret of their longevity. What the scientists found was astonishing! They thought they would see certain predictable things the elders all had in common such as diet, lifestyle, etc., ...but nothing like that was found.

What they did find, was that the centenarians all had three things in common:
daily physical activity, a daily sense of purpose, and the third and perhaps most important- they all had the ability to deal with loss.  Most of them had outlived their families - and when you consider that, having these particular three traits really does make sense - for survival!

So many people have lost so much during the pandemic. If we take nothing else from this horrible experience, maybe it should be a page from the elders’ playbook - and look for ways to try and adopt their three common characteristics?

Prove Them Wrong

Released November 2020

This song "Prove Them Wrong" is for anyone who has ever been told you’ll never be able to accomplish something, or reach a goal, that you’re not smart enough, strong enough, etc, etc, - this nay-sayer’s list goes on and on… and it always reminds me of an ancient bit of wisdom: “Do not fear the winds of adversity. Remember - a kite rises against the wind, not with it!”

Feeling Free

Released October 2020

3rd EP "Feeling Free" in a new collection of groove-centric pop! Contains 3 new songs, plus the last 2 singles "Tonight Is The Night" and "Just Give Me The Word - You're My Best Friend"

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