These days David is embracing a fresh chapter after relocating from bustling New York to bucolic Pennsylvania. Creatively rejuvenated, he announces his first solo release in over 20 years, On Our Way, out November 1st. It’s an imaginative, 5-song collection of groove-centric pop. Think: Sting, The Beach Boys, and Yes.

“Finishing this EP marks the beginning of a new life. I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing now,” David shares. “It’s the first project resulting from an ever-evolving plan to find a wonderful place to live, and build a studio where I can freely record music without the distraction or interruption of an urban environment.”

On Our Way has been carefully culled from a fevered burst in creativity that resulted 25 songs. For each song, David handled all the vocals, songwriting, instrumentation, engineering, producing, and mixing. The collection is vibrantly varied, traversing reggae-tinged vibes, bright pop-rock, simmering pop, slinky funk, and piano balladry. “Each song has a different tempo and groove, but I compiled songs that could still hang together through those feel changes,” explains David.

The track “I’m Feeling Good” conveys David’s optimistic life outlook, and features interesting stacked basslines that helped inspire and further the song’s narrative. “New York City’s energy has always astounded me. When I was experimenting with layering multiple bass tracks, I thought I imagined the sound of the subway roaring across the speakers— and then the lyrics came pouring out,” he shares. “I think that we all can relate to some version of dealing with the craze of a morning rush hour. If things are trying to hammer you down, you can choose to let them in and feel bad, or you can choose to find some inner drive and start feeling good!”

(excerpts from Lorne Behrman bio interview)

(cover photo by Maria Vullo)

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"On Our Way" (current release)