Feeling Free

Released October 2020

3rd EP in a new collection of groove-centric pop! Contains 3 new songs, plus the last 2 singles "Tonight Is The Night" and "Just Give Me The Word - You're My Best Friend"

Tonight Is The Night

Released August 2020

What's more exciting than a new romance? NOTHING! This song "Tonight Is The Night" describes that feeling we've all had, when there's a genuine, almost electric attraction to someone!  ...then finding the courage to ask if they feel the same way too!
Hoping we can return to having great moments like this come back into our lives again...  in person!!    


Just Give Me The Word - You're My Best Friend

Released July 2020

"Just Give Me The Word..." is an expression of something so many of us want in our life, which is to find that one special person, wife, husband, life-partner, soulmate, or whatever definition works for you. I have to consider myself truly blessed, because my wife is all of these - and she's more that that... she is my best friend! She totally inspired the lyrics. I offer this song as an inspiration to all who are hoping to find their special someone - because when you do, you'll realize that finding your very best friend is life's truest joy!


Strong Alone, Unstoppable Together

Released june 2020

My second EP "Strong Alone, Unstoppable Together" contains three new songs, plus the previous two singles "Hope" and "Force Of Nature"   ...and some fun news - I'm now officially a Pandora artist, so this EP and all future releases will be there from now on!

All of my new music releases were planned long before the pandemic & current national crisis turmoil was upon us.  I truly wish we weren't living through this challenging & stressful period of history - but I think if we can all find some ways of adjusting, taking new approaches to contributing and doing what it is that we each do, we'll come out on the other side of this in one piece - or with a bit of luck, maybe better for it!

I'm hoping that the words and music of the songs contained on "Strong Alone, Unstoppable Together" can give everyone some point of focus and determination to stay the course & keep doing what is necessary to get through this - because we WILL get through this!!   

Please be well and keep staying safe!  …and as always, thank you for listening!

Best wishes,



released May 8th, 2020

"Hope" is a mid-tempo song with Reggaeton feels throughout it. I wrote this song to inspire change, because the human race needs to change its destructive behavior towards our planet NOW! If the world’s current situation isn’t a clear sign that we need to do this,  I don’t know what is. 
…and Hope is a good thing- it might be the best of things!   


Prove Them Wrong

Current Release - Nov. 2020

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