Force Of Nature

Released on April 8th, 2020

"The spark or inspiration for “Force Of Nature” came to me from watching a beautiful slide show of still shots in black & white.  Each still shot was of a female athlete, and it seemed to capture a moment of determination, courage, strength and skill on each of these women’s faces - they totally gave me my song title and ultimately drove the lyric through to completion. It is my hope that this song could be an anthem for anyone, woman or man, struggling to find the courage and conviction to achieve a goal, realize a dream or see a difficult task through to completion.  I do like to write songs that are uplifting and inspiring, and this is definitely one of them. Given the current state of affairs in the world today where everything seems to be swirling in negativity, I’m hoping this song can be a bit of light shining through the darkness."

- David